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Hello! Hej!

Amanda brings a lifetime of experience (14 years paid experience) caring for animals of all kinds.  Experienced in providing high quality care for her clients, Amanda brings a thoughtful and detail oriented approach filled with lots of love.  Long walks, short walks, special needs care, feedings, medication administration, and overnight care, Amanda has you covered. You can expect high levels of communication with quality updates and photos. 

Kiki is a rescue kitty that Amanda nursed back to health. He's been by her side ever since and is the love of her life.  He has grown to tolerate the scents Amanda collects on her work clothes throughout the day, and gives his sniff of approval. He thanks our clients for their continued business.

Kiki and Amanda have recently welcomed newest family member Eevee the kitty! 

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My Story

Born and raised in Northern California, Amanda grew up with dogs and cats. Animals have always been drawn to Amanda and vice versa. She helped her family care for their pets and was always helping with a rescue pup her family had taken in.  In college, she helped out neighbors by walking their dogs, playing with them, and feeding them. At the time, Amanda did not realize she could make a career out of her passion for animals, so she attended college and graduated with both a BA and MA in Child Development. She is ABD on a Ph.D in Education. 

In early 2010, Amanda was teaching preschool and would often babysit for her students. This sometimes involved walking and feeding their dogs too. Parents noticed the connection, and began asking Amanda to help with their dogs too and she began overnight pet-sitting for the families she already knew and cared for while they traveled the world. Eventually, Amanda would retire from the field of education after a robust career teaching, mentoring, managing, and training. 

Since 2017, Amanda has been full-time (with the exception of a battle with cancer in 2019, she was part-time for a few months) ever since. Meticulous with her schedule, she is a pro at honoring commitments, and communicating with pet parents. Even with a busy schedule, Amanda is skilled at managing a diverse client load, and is flexible with accommodating the needs of her clients both human and furry! Safety is a huge priority to Amanda and has a multi-step system to ensure dogs are secure in their walks around the neighborhood.

Temecula has been home to her since 2013.  In her spare time, Amanda trains as an athlete and competes in gymnastics, crossfit, and weightlifting. She runs several marathons and triathlons each year. On an average day, Amanda gets in about 40,000 steps!  As an amateur competitive athlete, Amanda does travel to attend multiple competitions per year - please note closed days on the calendar. Inquiries received during these days will be responded to upon her return.

Amanda is still learning how to improve on her website design, so Reviews can currently be found here: 

Note: Should you choose to contact Amanda through Rover or Wag, from then on out, you may only book services with her through those third party sites, not directly through Amanda's Loving Care. No exceptions can be made, as per Amanda's contracts with both companies. Thank you for understanding! and here: 

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