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Have a question? Your answer may be found here.

  • I'm interested in learning more. What are next steps?

    • Fill out the Contact form and Amanda will respond to your inquiry within 48 business hours.  After initial communication, next steps may include a 15 minute phone call consult to better gauge care needs.  If all seems to be a good fit on both sides, a 30 minute complimentary Meet & Greet can be scheduled based on availability.​​​​

  • What is a Meet and Greet and why are they important?

    • Meet and Greets are important because it gives you the opportunity to meet your petsitter and introduce them to your pet and their care routine.  Questions can be answered and you can show your petsitter where to find items important to your pet's care (e.g., food, leash, cleaning supplies)​. It's a great opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and make sure it is a good fit for everyone!

  • Can I schedule more than one Meet and Greet?

    • Yes! Additional meet and greets will be billed at the 30 minute drop-in visit rate which is $25. Payment is required in full prior to additional meetings.​

  • What happens if I need to reschedule our initial meeting?

    • Not a problem! Life happens sometimes - illnesses, traffic, emergencies, etc. Communication in advance whenever possible is greatly appreciated. However, no-show to meetings and/or multiple last minute initial meeting rescheduling requests will result in cancelation of any future services. Remember, communication is key! Amanda will always verify/confirm meeting the day before or morning of the meeting.​

  • I have never been away from my pet for this long and I am nervous. How do I know that this will for sure be the right fit?

    • This is a great question that is commonly asked! I recommend booking either a few walks/drop-in visits and/or one night away prior to your longer trip. This way your pet can get used to Amanda and you have a baseline of what to expect for future care needs.​

  • What type of communication can I expect from Amanda?

    • For drop-ins, walks, and the beginning of a housesit, Amanda will let you know when she is on her way and when she has arrived. Updates and photos of your pet will be sent. A summary will be sent at the end of each drop-in visit or walk. For housesitting, Amanda will send updates and photos 2-3x a day. Amanda will confirm dates/times prior to the care. On departure day for a housesit, Amanda will confirm the end time of the booking.

  • What happens if my return flight is delayed cancelled?

    • This can be such a stressful situation for any pet parent! In the event this happens, communicating with Amanda as early as possible is key. Amanda will do her best to accommodate the additional time needed if possible.  Amanda may be able to stay another night, or if she is already booked on another housesit, she may be able to offer drop-ins instead. Sometimes, these are not options, so it is always important to have a back-up (e.g., family, friend, neighbor, co-worker, petsitter) that can help.​

  • What do we do about keys/alarms/entry?

    • This is a very important question! Every client has a different preference. These are the most common scenarios. ​

      • Provide a key to be held onto​

      • Provide a door code (if it's a unique code, make sure you remember to program in for the day of visits/sitting. If it's a timed code, it is recommended to have it programmed at least 30 minutes before arrival and 30 minutes after departure)

      • Leave a hide-a-key

      • Schedule a key pick up and drop off ($15 travel fee per pick up or drop off)

      • For alarms and security systems, some clients prefer to provide Amanda with a unique code to alarm/disarm while providing care. 

  • How far out can I schedule care for my pet?

    • For clients on a regular schedule, Amanda will check-in mid-month and ask about any dates in the upcoming month where care won't be needed or a change in care is needed. Amanda will put together a rough draft of times (note that these may slightly shift based on the route) for the month ahead and will communicate about any upcoming days that she will be unavailable that would affect your pet's typical schedule. Payment on recurring schedules is required prior to service, invoiced weekly.​

    • For upcoming travel, clients are welcome to contact Amanda about any date in the future and she will review her availability. 

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